The day in which we live is absolutely amazing with all of the new technology which changes faster than most of us can keep up with. I grew up in the latter sixties when computers were as big as a warehouse and you needed a power plant to run it. People laughed at the cartoon character, Dick Tracy, speaking into his watch as a way of communication. Today it is a reality and it seems by the time a new cell phone comes out another one is taking its place. 

With the introduction of new hardware, the demand for software applications increase and we are now capable of doing more at a faster pace than ever before.There is no shortage of these jewels of convenience that answer the burning questions of how, why and when. Man boasts of intellect and ingenuity but God was the originator of this system before the creation of man and the problems were more complex. The answer was a tree. From Genesis to The Revelation multiple examples are given regarding a tree. God is not only the first gardener, He is also the first arborist.   

Genesis 1:4 records the original use for the tree was to provide food for the service of man. Verse 12 says that God planted a tree in the middle of the garden (the tree of life) which was a promise between mankind and God. The tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was also there. The tree of forbidden fruit that was used to show man his estate apart from God. The tree of testing. A little further in Exodus 3:1-4, Moses is spoken to by God via the use of a tree on fire. The tree of attraction. In the New Testament, Luke 19 declares a story of a tax collector who was short in stature but had a giant desire to get the answers he needed, he had to climb a tree to see Jesus. A tree of rest and revelation. Other trees are mentioned and each has their own purpose for existence. But the greatest tree ever mentioned is still in existence today. The tree of pardon. That is Calvary!! Jesus paid the sin debt of all mankind and because of THAT tree, man is no longer bound by chains of guilt and shame. Everyone that confesses to him that he is a sinner and believes in his heart that God raised Jesus from the dead is given new life. if you have not received him, give him your heart today and your life won't be splintered.