At IRBC we have a passion for the Word of God.  It is our sincere desire to deliver dynamic, relevant and practical preaching and teaching so that believers may grow in their relationship with Christ, in their knowledge of His Word and in their commitment to glorify Him with their lives.  Through our teaching ministries and fellowship we seek to “grow” well-grounded, Spirit-filled believers, full of faith.

 We believe the flock is best helped by the clear, in-depth preaching and teaching of God’s Word and by the modeling of Biblical precepts by His people.  The heavy-handed delivery of the “traditions of men” may drive the flock to submit to personalities, but true discipleship brings the believer into a reverence for God and an unfeigned desire to glorify Him in all endeavors.

We believe that the church is not the physical building but the body of believers, and as such it knows neither walls nor schedule.  We, the born-again believers in Christ are the church, and it is our belief at IRBC that we should “be the church” and not just “go to church.”

We believe that the Gospel is not bondage but liberty (only we are not to use our liberty for license).  Religion is bondage; a relationship with Christ is joy and peace.  Our motto at IRBC is: In the essentials Purity, in the non-essentials Liberty, in all things Charity...and if you want to receive a blessing, be a blessing.

We are simple people here.  We love Jesus, love others and do our best to be genuine.  If any of that sounds likey you, then you will fit in. Our location may be a bit off the beaten path, but it's worth the drive.